My heart is so filled with the love that is real There is no room for anything else.No room in the Inn for anger or sin only room for the Christlight within
My heart is so filled with the Christlight of Peace brought by many on that bright night, that eve
star of Bethlehem that shown so bright indeed it lit up the night for those that could see
for those with the sight for those open hearts that heard the glad tidings that night
sing glory to all, the new born king, the Prince of Peace,
for you and me
They traveled afar to follow their paths from all 4 directions, north, east, south, and west
They gather each year: in memory of the birth that innocent child with the halo now on Earth
In radiance we see, the Holy Trinity, the Christlight in thee The Prince of Peace we Honor thee
the Holy Trinity

Oh Mary and Joseph we Honor you
Hearing the Angels that night
The Christ Child brought forth
for those with the sight Oh Prince of Peace with us tonight
Oh Ancient sages followed that birth traveled so far on this Earth
the Star of David ;Lit up the night Oh Blessed one The true Light
We Honor you with gifts from afar the Myrth, the Frankincense
The gold and star
Christ is the Reason, for this season
The beauty, the Lights within
The desire to be Connected to thee Through tidings of goodwill toward all The baby that bore the gifts of the Lord in Honor of thee-we praise thee
the Prince of Peace the Holy Trinity
We honor thee Glad Tidings to Thee
the Prince of Peace