12/31/21  End of 2021

New Beginnings!

Allowing the Love to flow freely

To all living Beings

Open your hearts to  a new world

Filled with possibilities and

potential for growth

Release the negative forces that attempt 

to control our minds and bodies

Allow our spirits to soar to greater heights

Flying above, away from the mundane 

to see from a Higher perspective 

the Larger picture

Through our tears, from grief and loss

Clear the veil to

allow our eyes to truly see 

the magnificence and power of our  creator 

and our true worth

all living beings are gifts from God 




11/15/2020 Day After 64th Birthday!

Honoring the Standing ones and the Elders that have passed.

So many deaths during this year of 2020. 

Memories of all that have blessed my home and this sacred space with their presence.

The birth of my children, Joshua and  Holana, the trees and plants that I have planted with help from others. 

The Arizona Cypress planted as a windblock- tiny 1 foot twigs- now majestic trees.  Pine trees, grape myrtle, palm trees,a surprise peach tree, tiny bush now making it's presence known

The natural growing trees- Mesquites, Cottonwoods, Mulberry trees, many unknown trees surviving the heat and the wind, constant change of temperatures, protecting and  honoring this Lakeside sanctuary- providing homes for the birds, the flying ones, the four leggeds, the insects, and the butterflies 

In gratitude for all who have blessed me and this sacred space with your presence!



Easter Sunrise 4/12/2020

Allow the gift of the sun to fill you with the Light of the World

Connect with the Bounty and the Vibrant Life that Surrounds you

From the blade of grass to the majestic pine

Standing ones reaching to the heavens

Absorbing the light, reflecting the  Beauty

The Majestic colors of spring

rich greens, royal purple Iris, the pure white blossoms,

the Multicolorded, and the Yellow flowers

Walking through the garden of life

All living in harmony with one another

the birds singing, crickets chirping, wind gently blowing

the warmth of the sun encircling all life

The changing seasons, from the tumultuous storms

to the peace of the moment

Allow the sun to fill your heart with love

Connecting to the Drum Beat of Life

The ever changing ebb and flow

From stormy waves to the stillness of the morning dew

Allow your heart to be filled with love, with gratitude, with peace after chaos

During sorrow, allow the intimate moments with nature reminding you

Of the cycles of life

The ebb and flow, the shadow and the light, the moon and the sun,

the stars and the planets

The ancestors and the angels

The heaven above

The heaven within

The stars and the planets

the ancestors and the angels

The heaven above,

The heaven witin

The heartbeat of life

The gentle steps on the path

The guidance, the wisdom, the knowing

From slowing down, to opening the heartDeeply rooted in our mother, but open to the messages from above,

Listening to the sound of the smallest creature, to the vastness of the universe,

absorbing the colors of the rainbow, open with arms extending upward,

Sharing the wisdom

When the student is ready, the teacher will appear

thank you Great Spirit, Gracious God, Mother Earth

For your Healign Energy and Love for all Beings-Past and Present

Allowing Distractions to flow gently through the River of Life

To allow witnessing the Bigger Picture- the sky with no ceiling, the boundaries with no walls, the energ of infinite possibiites, and openness to the bountiful gift of love 

Cathy Sue Martin 4/12/2020


Birth Day 

In Preparation for my Birth day

In gratitude for all that I have received in my lifetime of 62 years: My family, friends, animals, my profession, my music, my church-St.Paul UMC, my spiritual community, all of my travels, the GOC, the Earth Tribe, Being a Citizen of Mother Earth.  The gift of living on Ft. Phantom Lake and everyday seeing the sunrise and the sunset on the water- being part of the Sailing Association.

I have traveled across the US, starting my life on the beautiful island of Puerto Rico- at Ramey AFB. I have lived in Oklahoma, California, Ohio, Massachusetts, Arizona, Virginia, Pennsylvania, and now Texas.   I have skied the top of mountains on the East and West Coast, rode the waves at Wild Wood, NJ, sailed around the Caribbean ,Virgin Islands, hiked mountains in New England, Sailed the Intercoastal waterway from the Chesapeake Bay to North Carolina.  I have participated in Sweat Lodges,  have been to the Grand canyon, deep inside the Carlsbad Cave, sang, danced and traveled to Peru and the top of Machu Picchu.

My life is such a wonderful adventure- oh the people I have met, and joined with along the way  Thank you Great Spirit for all that I have received and have been able to share  with others

Moving from maiden to mother to now grandmother, embracing my 62 years on our Mother Earth.

Thank you  for all who have joined with me.  In love and gratitude.  Grandmother CatSue 

Labor Day 

Gazing over the water

Enjoying the beauty of the moment

the stillness of the water

cloud formations  touching the heavens

Moving in and out from being present

in the beauty

and being pulled inside to the

mundane- the tasks of daily living

and the impact of 26 years of 


Letting go- box by box

bag by bag

treasures that can be used

 and items that can be discarded- their usefulness past prime

paintings from the past tucked away on a tall shelf 

now mildewed with time- released into the pile of trash

Where did the time go?

How did I get to this point in my life?

Accumulation for years now saying I have more than enough

it's time to let go!


New Beginning 

A new day

A new start

Soaking in the Rays

of the Sun

While I dive under

to feel the presence

of all that is

the water that sustains 

the life of all

Swimming Creatures

Floating on a wave

As the Breeze gently moves me

to new beginning

New Yearnings

new depths


Love without attachment

Sense of Joy, Peace

Freedom fills my core


Being in the Moment

I am, You are, we are all


In this web of life

Birds sing

trees moving to the Flow

of the Ever changing wind

( Many changes since I last wrote- a beautiful new grand daughter, my daughters beautiful wedding and seeing my family, my son returning from Africa, trip to the Kerrville Folk Festival, Drumming Circles, Gathering of the Circles on top of the mountain in Cloudcroft New Mexico, friends, relationships, sailing, performing on Earth Day, singing, Thank you to all who have joined me on this journey!)



My life has been an adventure! My first view of life was in the tropics of Puerto Rico- palm trees, tourquoise water, whte sands, the sound of the ocean.  Traveling around the world- I have seen many beautiful sites- Sailing in Lake Champlain, skiing in Vermont, Maine, Colorado, Utah, Hiking the mountains in New Hampshire, the sacred sites of the Grand Canyon, Arizona, Peru- Machu Pichu, Sailing the Caribbean Virgin Islands, Bahamas, Canyon De Chelle, Cloudcroft, New Mexico

So many adventures- so much  beauty around the world-and every day I wake up look outside my backyard- Ft. Phantom lake- Beautiful sunsets, changing weather patterns, sailing across the waters, full moon drummings, friends, family, the four leggeds, the winged ones, the crawling ones, mystical, the standing ones, the two leggeds, magical, all encompassing. all students all teachers- 

Life is an adventure- Always live each day in Gratitude!  Thank you for being part of my journey! Letting Go!  


Thank you for my eyes to see the beauty of the world

My arms to reach toward the heavens

My legs to take me where I need to go

My nose to smell the fragrance of the roses

My ears to hear the birds singing 

My mouth to sing forth praise

My hands to touch the soft fur of my loving long haired cat

My heart to feel the drum beat of the universe

    and the connection to all that is

Lessons from my grandson 

Lessons from my grandson-  Take time to enjoy every moment  , no one is a stranger, enjoy the simple things in life- the sound of a rattle, throwing stones into the water and watching them make a big splash, swing high, jump often, run fast, go for a stroll around the circle, ride your tricycle, keep active, and smile a lot!

Thanks for Listening

Thanks for Listening

New Songs

New Songs