From the recording The Mountains

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Melodic music inspired by the beauty of skiing the mountains at Killinton Peak, Vermont Easter Sunday-1991


The Mountains meet, the Blue Sky
the white snow glistens
i n the Sunlight
the moguls beckon, dare to conquer
Floatiing, Falling, Floating, Flying
Through the parth, the peopld
weave in and out, up and down
The mountains meet, the blue sky
The white snow glistens, in the Sunlight
the moguls beckon, dare to conquer
Floating, flying through the path
weave in and out the trails
the beautiful Hues of the Mountains
the purples, the blues, the greens, the yellows
standing up above, gazing into the beauty
surrounded by a mountainrange
Mountain ranges, flowing across the horizon
the clouds move in, the clouds move out
Flowing through the valles
surronded by god's beauty
All around
The Mountains meet, the blue sky
the white snow glistens
in the sunlight
the moguls becon, dare to conquer
Flowing, falling, floating, flying
on the path

flowing, falling,