Sea of Light

Cathy S. Martin

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Songs of Spirit, Energizing, Enlightening, travels in the "Sea of Light" with a wide range of musical styles and rhythms from Texas 2-step to Caribbean Sailing Songs, new musical, "Lovespell" with Christian and Native American themes of love, peace

Cathy's newest album- "Sea of Light" -is Upbeat, Energizing, Enlightening, with a wide range of musical styles and rhythms from Texas 2 Step to Caribbean Sailing songs. Influenced by Christian and Native American teachings of love, peace, and honoring all life on Mother Earth," Sea of Light" is a compilation album from her new musical, "Lovespell" and two earlier albums, "One with the Universe" and "Sea of Light" cassettes. Cathy recorded most of her songs with Doug Hewitt at the Watercourse Recording studio in Amherst, Massachusetts. Werner John added a new dimension with his Native American flute on "Totem" and "Listen." In 1992, Cathy moved to Abilene, Texas and added some "country" to her repertoire. In 1998, Cathy produced her first musical, "Lovespell" and performed at "Eagles Landing". She worked with Doug Royston from DRB at Ardvark Studios, Eric and Laura Logan, and Matt LeSaur for the recordings and an incredible cast . "Lovespell" is a traveling, portable tiedyed musical aimed at placing a "Lovespell " on this world. Doug Royston starred as Jesus, Trudi Spring Allison played the "head angel!" "Lovespell" includes Jesus, Angels, Chief Seattle, Hippis, skaters, Native American themes and lots of audience participation . "Lovespell" is ready to go on the road wherever it is called. Cathy S. Martin is the Mother of 2, a Songwriter, Artist, Singer, Creative Psychotherapist and Counselor, Dreamer, Reiki Master, Hypnotherapist , NLP practitioner. She is guided by a strong faith, love of nature and sailing . Her music sends you on journeys around the world through mystical teachings of love, harmony, and peace . Cathy's goal is to help "Raise the Vibration of Love" through her music.

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