1. Sea of Light

From the recordings Sea of Light and Sea of Light

This song was inspired by my family's annual trip to Wildwood , N. J. - thanks to my parents- Ken and Sue Martin! I wrote this song when I was floating out in the ocean surrounded by all of the beauty.


Floating on a Sea of light
Calm amid the crashing waves
Sun rays breaking through the clouds journey to wholeness
Centered, calm:
Floating in a sea of light
Riding the waves of life
Some gently lifting and holding
Diving through the foam
The frothy whitecaps
Strength, Endurance
Catching the perfect ride
many pass by until the right
Contentment, Strength >Floating in a sea of light Bodies moving, energy all around.Soaking up the sun's rays Children freely covering their bodies with mud Picking up shells along the way Spirits calling
Floating in a sea of light
The warmth of the sun
The beauty of the sea
Soaring above the skies
the seagulls fly freely
Gliding soaring, sailboats in the distance
Floating in a sea of light
Energy all around
The beauty, breeze gently blowing
Cooling the skin Sun strongly burning Refreshed by the sea
Sand, salt, nature's gifts
Wildflowers, dunes
Diving through the foam
touch your soul
strength, endurance
Catching the perfect ride
Floating on a sea of light