New Beginning

A new day

A new start

Soaking in the Rays

of the Sun

While I dive under

to feel the presence

of all that is

the water that sustains 

the life of all

Swimming Creatures

Floating on a wave

As the Breeze gently moves me

to new beginning

New Yearnings

new depths


Love without attachment

Sense of Joy, Peace

Freedom fills my core


Being in the Moment

I am, You are, we are all


In this web of life

Birds sing

trees moving to the Flow

of the Ever changing wind

( Many changes since I last wrote- a beautiful new grand daughter, my daughters beautiful wedding and seeing my family, my son returning from Africa, trip to the Kerrville Folk Festival, Drumming Circles, Gathering of the Circles on top of the mountain in Cloudcroft New Mexico, friends, relationships, sailing, performing on Earth Day, singing, Thank you to all who have joined me on this journey!)


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